Minor Service is always included in a Major Service at NO extra cost to you. Any potential problems that may be found or arise during services are noted and brought to the customers attention.

Minor Service allows us to keep up on the state of the generator and helps prevent little issues from becoming substantial problems.

What we do while performing a Minor Service​:

  • Check Oil Level

  • Check Coolant Level and Condition

  • Check Float Voltage in Batteries (Adjust if Needed)

  • ​Check Battery Voltage with Engine Running

  • Clean Battery Terminals

  • Check Air Filters

  • Check Condition of Belt(s) and Adjust if Needed

  • Check Block Heater (If Applicable)

  • Check and Clean Crankcase Breather

  • Check Electrical Connections 

  • Check Safety Shutdowns

  • Run Generator Manually

  • Check All Gauges on Control Panel for Proper Operation

  • Check for Leaks

  • Check Fuel Tank Level

  • Check Generator Log

  • ​Check the Following at the Transfer Switch: Emergency Voltage and Frequency (Adjust if Needed), Sensing Emergency Voltage Wiring, Condition of Components, Exercise Time and Perform a Transfer Test (Authorization Needed​)

Major Service consists of replacing the following:

  • Oil

  • Oil Filter(s)

  • Fuel Filter(s) (If Applicable)

  • Coolant Filter(s) (If Applicable)​​

Service Agreements

  Having your generator professionally maintained by a qualified technician will help prevent any major issues and insure reliability.

  These are the service agreements that we have to offer:

One Year   - Standard Rate

Two Year   - 10% Discount and 2 FREE Service Calls

Three Year - 15% Discount and 3 FREE Service Calls

  We have three different types of agreements that coincide with the service agreements, listed above, that are as follows:

Semi Annual  -  1 Minor Service & 1 Major Service

​Quarterly       -  3 Minor Services & 1 Major Service

Monthly         -  11 Minor Services & 1 Major Service

All service agreements include 24 hour emergency service

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