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Generator Restoration

Cost Saving Solution

  Extend the life of your generator for many years to come. Not all budgets are equipped to purchase a new generator but the one you have is a necessity.  Its no longer reliable, the controls are outdated and the engine can no longer handle its rated capacity. Before you condemn  it, call us!

  Our Generator Restoration process can take your old generator and make it look and perform like new by using state-of-the-art controls and reconditioning key components for far less than the cost of a new one. The generator is removed and brought back to our clean, air-conditioned shop for the transformation to begin. During this time a rental generator is connected in place of the existing one, so you won't skip a beat.

  The engine is completely disassembled and the block, heads, valves, crankshaft and camshaft journals are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and polished. New bearings, wrist pins, piston crowns, piston liners (if applicable) and rings are installed. The exterior parts of the engine such as the starter, alternator, turbocharger, water pump, fuel injectors and fuel pump are all reconditioned. Then a new generator control panel along with senders, switches and wiring is installed. Finally, the generator is painted and put through a vigorous load bank test.  

The result is a new reconditioned generator for half the cost of a new one !

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